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We are the exclusive supplier for of the Protect in Product in Africa and South Africa.

Safety barrier fencing for the safety of workers

Our Protect in safety protection barrier system is one versatile integrated solution:

  • With a lifespan of two years our product is extremely cost effective
  • Combine awareness campaigns with keeping your workforce safe.
  • Have a wide variety of messages printed onto the barrier system, you can even sell advertising space on the barriers to other companies.
  • Aids awareness campaigns can be printed on the barriers
  • Safety awareness rules and reminders can be printed on the barrier fencing material.
  • Environmental awareness slogans and campaigns can be printed on the safety barricades.
  • Instruction notice (e.g. NO ENTRY BEYOND THIS POINT) can be included on the safety barriers.
  • Advertise your company on each construction site.
  • Directional notices can be included on the safety fencing.

Your company will be able to use the safety fencing to full advantage since it can be used for safety purposes as well as for advertising purposes.

Protect in 

Construction works, Welding works, overhead works, open excavation works, Rock blasting works, Sand blasting works, Roadwork's, High voltage works, building works, Mining works, Scaffolding works, Crowd control and sports, High structure works, Dangerous area works and much more.

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Our safety barrier fencing system is certified, GREEN eco Friendly and recyclable

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