Ensuring Workplace Safety: 5 Common Mistakes Managers Make

Date Publish: May 29, 2014

Keeping the office safe and healthy for employees and customers the responsibility of both business owners and managers. However, in the quest for profit, this essential duty can sometimes take the backseat. This neglect can result to a variety of injuries and accidents that might end up costing the business more money than it can afford. There's also the threat of lawsuits, which can drag a company's reputation through the mud and scare off potential clients.

Prevent this disaster from happening to the business you're managing by avoiding these common mistakes:

  1. Not giving clear instructions

As a manager, employees naturally turn to your for advice and instructions. If you're not clear about what you want them to do regarding workplace safety, they may end up doing the wrong thing. This can cause situations that will put them as well as other people in danger. Make sure you always provide clear and detailed instructions, especially when you're discussing matters that affect the wellbeing of everyone in your company. This also applies to situations where you're asking employees to sign a DSE assessment form or any other form related to workplace safety.

In addition, ask your employees to take note of what you're saying so they remember the important points. It's also a good idea to place safety reminders and signs in conspicuous areas of your office. This will help prevent injuries and accidents in business premises.

  1. Turning a blind eye

We can't deny that there are times when we get too caught up in our work that we tend to ignore what's going on around us. But as a manager, it's your job to always be aware of what's happening in your office. This is especially true if that situation can potentially harm customers or other employees in the vicinity. Aside from being aware, you also need to be ready to inforce health and safety rules at all times. Avoid ignoring breaches to these regulations, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant they can be. This will show employees that you're serious about the rules and encourage them to follow them always.

  1. Failing to schedule regular inspections

Regular safety inspections are essential for making sure every inch of your business premises is safe for everyone. Failing to conduct these inspections can endanger your employees and prevent your operations from running efficiently. Either way, your company will be at a loss. Make sure your employees are properly trained to conduct regular inspections on equipment they use. They can fill out a DSE assessment form online and determine if their workstations are safe and efficient.

However, certain machine require the services of a professional, so be sure to hire one at least once a month for maintenance checks. You'd also need to hire experts to check on your building's plumbing and electrical systems.

  1. Not following their own rules

Employees naturally look up to higher management officials in their organisation, so it's important that you set a good example. If you're asking workers under your department to fill out a form for online dse assessment, you should also do it. If you're requiring them to wear hardhats when they visit the construction site, you must also wear one. Make sure you walk the talk at all times. This way, your employees will respect you more and follow your lead.

  1. Failing to invest in health and safety systems

Health and safety regulations won't be much help if you don't have the corresponding tools and equipment to implement them. Although investing in safety fence systems, fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, and other such items might seem costly at first, they are certainly worh the money. They can help prevent situations that can put your workers and property in grave danger.

Steering clear of these blunders will not only enable you to safeguard your employees and clients, but also help you protect your company's good reputation in the industry. Find more useful tips for managers here.


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