Why Improve Workplace Health and Safety Standards

Date Publish: Feb 09, 2015

Companies that fail to adhere to workplace health and safety standards are frequently hit with hefty fines, but there are many additional reasons why all business organisations should work hard at improving health and safety standards in the workplace.

Whether making improvements entails replacing old floors with new laminate flooring or using safety barrier fence systems on construction sites, there are a number of excellent benefits afforded to companies that work hard at improving workplace health and safety.

Avoid negative consequences

There are often a number of negative consequences for companies that fail to adhere to work and safety regulations that have been put in place to protect their employees, their customers and the general public. These include, but are certainly not limited to, the following.

  • Get hit with hefty fines from the relevant government agencies
  • Receive negative publicity as a result of a nasty accident
  • Get on the wrong side of labour unions and suffer strikes, etc.
  • Convey a negative impression of management to their employees
  • Have compensation claims filed against the company by injured parties

These are just a few of the many negative consequences that could arise as a result of failing to take workplace health and safety seriously, all of which have both short and long term affects that could take a serious toll on the company and its stakeholders, its finances and its ability to operate as a competitive professional business organisation.


Every employer has a responsibility to provide their workers with a safe environment and that entails not only a legal responsibility, i.e. adhering to workplace health and safety standards, but also a financial responsibility, i.e. avoiding compensation claims etc., and a moral responsibility, i.e. one human to another.

To overlook the responsibilities you have for your employees would be to tempt fate in a number of ways, plus as you can see from the examples above, there are many negative outcomes that can be avoided.

Safety budgets

Every company will find it advantageous create a safety budget. This needn’t be a large amount set aside on a regular basis, but it will prove beneficial to have funds on hand when floors need replacing or when your company takes on a construction project that is larger than usual and you need to purchase more safety equipment and barriers, etc. before the project can get underway.

Safety budget templates are available online - for free in many cases - and using these templates to budget is an excellent way to ensure that smaller businesses have adequate funds to keep their workplace health and safety standards high.

Workplace health and safety standards have been drawn up to ensure that business organisations operate in a responsible manner. Whether adhering to these standards entails outfitting the workplace with laminate flooring or investing in a safety banner barrier fence system, it is important to remember that you have a financial, legal and moral responsibility to those you employ, along with anyone else who could be affected by your business operations.


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