Keep Everyone Safe in the Building Trade

Date Publish: Feb 04, 2015

Health and safety is paramount in the building trade. For this reason it’s highly recommended to provide safety barrier fencing for all employees. Keep your workers safe by preventing accidents occurring or exposing them to unforeseen hazards. Online safety fencing businesses sell hard or soft barricading that can also be a great way to advertise your company. Your company’s name or logo can be printed on the barricading material to be seen from far away, a great ploy for free marketing.

Cost-effective safety barriers and reliable rotary screw compressors make running a business easy while keeping everyone safe. In the construction industry, safety barrier fencing is a must by using strong, printable screens that can be held down by scaffolding. These barriers can be used for:-

  • Road construction sites
  • Road maintenance
  • Mining
  • Civil works
  • Crowd safety

Certified protection systems

All safety banner barrier fencing is certified and is able to withstand a push force of 1.200kg. Temporary edge protection systems are perfect for construction workers’ safety either on roofs, edges, stairs or anywhere where there could be danger. Special requirements and test methods are necessary for temporary edge protection systems to:-

  1. Support people when leaning on the barriers
  2. Provide handholds
  3. Give resistance to static loads
  4. Stop someone falling towards the edge

This type of safety fencing protection is versatile. It can be used to have your company’s safety rules printed on it, act as an advertising method or be personalised.

Easy to set up

Safety barrier fencing is so easy to set up. It’s light in weight, can be reused time and time again and highly visible. Great for fencing off dangerous areas, identifying obstacles and crowd control, it’s also eco friendly. Safety banner fencing can also be packed away and moved, ready for the next construction job in hand.

Innovative safety fencing designers have many years of experience creating barriers that are unique and do the job properly. Keep your workforce safe with cost-effective safety solutions that:-

ü  Help safety awareness

ü  Can have safety messages printed on weather-proof banners

ü  Show rules of the construction site

ü  Have instruction notices

ü  Can advertise your company

ü  Have direction notices printed on them

Take a look at the online gallery for a clearer idea of where safety barriers can and are used. They make the perfect safety net for new builds, refurbishment of buildings, on stairwells, walkways, roofs, ramps and excavations.

Get in touch

Get in touch with online professional suppliers of safety fencing or companies that sell rotary screw compressors sooner rather than later. For all your compressor and air filtration needs, you just can’t beat suppliers who are reliable and reputable. Reliable retailers who advertise safety barrier fencing via the net can answer any queries you may have about safety, the types of fencing to buy, costs and how to install it on construction sites.

For all your branded safety fencing solutions and compressor needs, browse the internet.


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