What Is Your Responsibilities as a Construction Project Manager?

Date Publish: Dec 19, 2013

What are the employer’s duties?

The employer must make sure that the workplace is safe and healthy, and must not allow any worker to do work that is potentially dangerous. The worker must know what the dangers of the work are. But it is always the employer who decides what is a threat to workers’ safety.

The Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA)

Based on what is implied in the OHSA, it is clear that if anything goes wrong within the workplace, the employer will always be to blame. Even if you are just the project manager you are still bound by this rule, considering that you represent the employer. After all, weren’t you the one responsible for hiring contractors and staff for the job? So even as simple as failure to choose the right platform ladders, could pose a huge problem, especially if it results to injuries.

For this reason, it is imperative that you have a clear of idea of what will be expected of you as a manager of a construction project.

  1. To plan the work. Part of the duty of a project manager (PM) is to oversee the work from start to finish. So at the beginning, it is his responsibility to look over the proposed project to determine the cost estimate, timeline and construction strategies that will be employed. Once the plan is drawn, he would constantly check the project in depth to ensure that work is done on schedule, as well as to prepare to handle certain concerns that will come along the way.
  2. To obtain equipment and materials. A construction would be impossible to complete without the needed tools and supplies. It is the PM’s duty to acquire the needed stuff — from platform ladders to safety barricades. Fortunately, all of the construction materials can be sourced locally or internationally, depending on the specifications of the client. If platform ladders in Melbourne, Australia are required, he can just place an order and have it shipped over. And if road construction safety barriers from Pretoria, South Africa are specified, he can just place a call to us at Protect-in.
  3. To oversee the project and people. It is the PM’s duty to hire, fire, supervise and, at the same time, ensure that the project is on time, on track and on the budget. Striking a balance among all these elements can be quite challenging, but the best project managers always prevail. And if something goes wrong, he can find solutions to keep the work right back on track.

Most importantly, he is expected to settle disputes whether between workers, workers and client or client and subcontractors. Aside from a hard hat, it is safe to say that a project manager also puts on a referee shirt and brings a whistle every time he steps inside the construction site.


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