Using Protect In To Make Health And Safety Simpler

Date Publish: Feb 06, 2015

Health and safety in construction sites is not easy. In fact, it's probably one of the hardest places to keep people safe from injuries or worse, and so you not only have to keep the public out, but also keep those inside away from harm. That's why the Protect In system was developed for construction sites, with strong screens that fit onto scaffolding to create a barricade. Whether you're installing security doors in Melbourne, or working on a big project in the middle of the city, this system has many advantages. Reasons you might want to use Protect In include:

·         Being able to showcase your logo

·         Creating barriers to stop people or vehicles accessing the site

·         Stopping dust and debris falling from scaffolding

·         Easy to install and take down

·         Reusable and recyclable

Therefore, it can be used for all sorts of situations, whether it's a building site, or to help create temporary fencing for an event.

Free advertising

When you run a construction firm, being able to get your name out there and your logo on display is important, and Protect In allows you to have your logo prominently displayed from the scaffolding on your job site. Whether you're a small firm or a large corporation, this is great for businesses as it shows you are in demand, and means that people can identify your logo. You never know who might need your services, and your name being around can really help. For example, if you have a client who wants to install security doors in Melbourne, and they see you in their neighbourhood, then they might decide they want similar jobs done, which means more business for you.

Easy assembly

The easy of assembly and disassembly is key for anything around a building site, and luckily the Protect In system makes life so much easier. It simply clips onto the existing scaffolding, allowing you to easily add signs and instructions, or advertise your green credentials. It's up to you to decide on the message you use. You then roll the fencing away when you're done, with the product having a lifespan of about two years.

Protect In can be used in all sorts of places, including:

·         Tied to scaffolding

·         On security fences

·         On safety barriers

·         As a temporary stair siding

Luckily, as the material is flexible and easily wraps around scaffold poles or wherever else you need it, the Protect In system can be used wherever you need it. Whether its to keep people or cars off your site, or to ensure that they cannot access certain areas where work is going on, you'll find Protect In simple to use and easy to adapt to your needs.

Protect In is a popular tool of the construction industry, allowing them to not only keep their sites secure, but also advertise their businesses prominently. It has many uses, and with a lifespan of up to two years, is a great investment. No matter what size or logo you need, it can easily be made to your specifications.


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