Safe Mining: Important Installations to Have

Date Publish: Mar 06, 2014

Safety has long been a major concern when it comes to mining. You can picture out a group of miners carefully making their way inside a narrow, curve and dark tunnel searching for precious stones and minerals. Scary as it may seem, this passageway even gets longer and deeper through time, with the probability of danger also increasing. And, if you are not properly oriented about the site, you might find yourself lost and trapped inside the tunnel. These are the usual mining scenes in the past though. Today, it is totally different. We have different materials and equipment to ensure efficiency and, of course, safety in the site. Government laws and regulations also play a great role.

Now, if you are curious about the internal safety guidelines that future mining operators can do to ensure a zero accident or casualty rate, below are some important installations.


Why would you need a barrier fence? Take the following reasons:

1) It delimits the mining site. You cannot just mine anywhere you want; you have to be specific with the area. The fences will serve as a guide or reminder to the miners. In case you have neighbouring mining operations, it gives clear delineation to avoid border disputes.

2) It bars outsiders and wild animals, if any, from entering. If you are up for gold or diamond mines, you need a blockade against unwanted guests. Wild animals are included if your site is in the middle of a forest or any mountainous location.

Simply, barrier fences are important protective structures in mining. They can prevent border disputes and protect workers against intruders. Moreover, you can use these fences as space for warning signs. Find out more about safety barrier fencing on this website.


Setting up a closed-circuit television system in and out of the mining site can give you total security and peace of mind. Finding high-quality and cost-effective CCTV kit nowadays is easy with the help of specialist security solutions providers.

1) No outsiders can get inside the mining area.

2) Easy supervision of miners’ operations, especially in the refinery section.

3) Give immediate attention during difficult situations inside tunnels.

4) Effective monitoring of employees’ work ethics including their obedience to the wearing of mandatory uniforms and protective gear while working.

5) Quick spotting of unscrupulous activities.

6) Having video recordings as soft evidence whenever there are legal claims.

Overall, putting up surveillance cameras around the site allows operators easy and quick supervision, detection and help provision. Whether it’s a regulatory requirement or not, these devices should be present inside and outside the workplace. Do not worry about the cost because you can always find the best and cheap CCTV kits for sale in the UK today, preferably online.

These are only two of the most important installations in your mining area, which can definitely increase safety for your employees as well as the whole operation. Once done, you can then proceed to the listing of your own company rules. And, do not forget to refer to current mining laws and regulations.


Our safety barrier fencing system is Eco Friendly

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