Workplace Changes to Enhance Safety and Productivity

Date Publish: Feb 19, 2014

Whether you're a manager or a business owner, it is your obligation to provide employees with a safe and efficient work environment, whether it be at SOC serviced offices in Gordon or not. Doing so will reduce absences due to sickness or injury as well as those toxic afternoon productivity lags.

Accordingly, here are some easy ways to eliminate risks in the workplace and to cut potential losses.


Comfort is the key to higher productivity, which is why you need to make your office convenient and pleasant to work in. To do this, make sure the temperature is not too hot or too cold, as either tends to make employees uneasy and less focused. In addition, be sure to have the proper lighting installed. Hire qualified electricians rather than to DIY to avoid risking your workers' safety or affecting an insurance claim. Moreover, allow as much natural light as possible since it helps workers to sleep better and come to work better rested, resulting in increased productivity.


A messy and cluttered workplace isn't conducive for work and is bad for your company's reputation. See to it that your office remains spotless and organised by calling in professional cleaners like Kleanovative, VDK Cleaning and Big Trev's Carpet Cleaning every once in a while. Aside from this, have the building inspected for pest infestations every year so as to reduce health risks and damage to your property. To avoid disruption to your daily operations, obtain termite control services during the weekend or on a non-work holiday.

Noise reduction

Although collaborative work is good for developing fresh ideas, the clamorous chatter during brainstorming can be counterproductive. In fact, noise makes you less productive because your brain simply cannot do two things efficiently at the same time. In addition, studies have found that noise is also related to stress, which in turn leads to negative moods, lack of concentration and even health issues. To prevent these adverse effects, create a place where employees can go when they need extreme focus to accomplish certain tasks.

Safety features

Workplace hazards can be present even in the most innocuous environments. To protect your employees, make sure to hang safety signs in potentially dangerous areas such as laboratories, warehouses and plants. Aside from this, have your floors treated with an anti-slip solution to prevent fall accidents. Moreover, if your office is undergoing renovations or if you are involved in construction work, don't forget to install safety barrier fencing around the company premises to avoid casualties.

Data security

Almost every business relies on computers for managing tasks, processing transactions and storing important files. While these machines make work more efficiently, they are still vulnerable to hardware failure and software issues. Although it's easy to call in a technician to fix hardware problems, software glitches due to viruses and cyber crimes need more specialised attention. Since computer downtime can seriously hurt your business, you'll need the help of IT Governance Ltd to upgrade your cyber security so as to protect your data systems from spam and viruses.

Small adjustments like these can make a big difference and save you a great deal of money in the future.


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