5 Legal Aspects Involved When Doing Construction Projects

Date Publish: Mar 25, 2014

Aside from handling the CAD details, contractors also need to consider the legal aspects of their projects. Why? Making sure their operations is legally recognised is the best way to have a smooth-flowing process. When doing construction projects in the UK, they may work closely with commercial solicitors from London, especially in relation to lease papers, licenses and subletting.

The following are the five legal aspects involved in construction projects they have to handle:

  1. Procurement

This refers to the process of buying materials and services from the start of the project until its completion. Invoices of purchased construction materials and rental agreement of equipment are all taken into account for financial reporting purposes. In line with this, commercial law solicitors from London can help by working closely with the builders and can survey to determine a commercially viable outcome.

  1. The Parties

The agreement between the stakeholders and their individual concerns are also taken into account. Specifically, the parties involved include the sub-contractors, professional consultants, client (owner of the property) and the contractor. What a commercial lawyer from London can help in this aspect is the alignment of the stakeholders' concerns.

  1. Legislation and Regulation

Builders and commercial lawyers from London may also work together on complying with government requirements, which may include worker security initiatives, health legislations and building permits. This explains why almost all construction sites have safety signs and safety banner barrier fence systems, knowing the importance of on-site security.

  1. Contracts

There's also a need to look into the stipulations of the contract, including the warranties and financing options used for the project. It's also worth noting that contracts may vary depending on the type of project (e.g. commercial buildings, residential areas), knowing the different purposes of properties. Consequently, this is where a commercial solicitor from London comes into the picture; he's the one who'll advice on how projects flow relative to its purpose (e.g. private, commercial).

  1. Insurance

Lastly, builders also need to consider worker's safety by getting the necessary construction insurance types, such as the builder's risk and performance bond. Consequently, commercial solicitors from London may help determine the best security measures to keep the employers from litigations and workers from accidents.

Overall, builders really need to consider different things before starting a project. One of the most essential consideration they need to look into is the legal aspect of their trade, which includes insurance, contracts and legislations.


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