Installing Swimming Pools with Innovative Solar Pool Heating Systems

Date Publish: Jan 23, 2014

Swimming pool solar heating is a good way to save on the cost of electricity or gas. Even if the weather is cool and overcast, a swimming pool solar heater will keep the water warm enough so that very little other energy source is required to bring it up to optimum temperature. There are also solar pool covers that conserve the heat and keep it warm enough for a swim after dark.

The ideal temperature in the pool is about 18 to 26 degrees Celsius, but this doesn’t happen naturally. The pool will most likely be about 18 to 20 degrees Celsius just from sunlight, but this will be lost overnight. A solar pool heating system will allow the pool to be used most of the year for very little cost.

Sunlight is free and a sustainable source of energy. For solar pool heating Sydney, the solar collector is mounted on the north-facing part of a roof. It can be installed on the roof of the main house, garage, patio cover or an especially built structure can be made to hold the solar collector.

The water from the pool is pumped to the solar collectors where it is heated by the sun by flowing through several solar absorbers. When it is hot, it goes back into the swimming pool. Some solar swimming pool heating is very sophisticated and seamless. The system monitors the temperature of the water and switches the system on or off according to the required temperature. This type of system has been successfully used in universities and technical institutions with huge pools that are constantly kept heated at the right temperature.

There are two main ways the water is pumped to the solar collector. An independent solar system pumps the water directly from the pool by a solar pump to the solar absorber and returns the heated water to the pool. An integrated solar system uses the existing filtration equipment to move the water along with a small solar pump to pump the water to the roof.

Pool covers also keep the heat in the water and reduce evaporation. If the cover fits correctly, it can reduce evaporation about 97 per cent. This means the swimming pool heating system doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain the right temperature. There are also pool covers that transfer solar heat to the water just like a garden greenhouse as well as provide protection. They can actually warm the water up to 8 degrees Celsius.

Pool covers also reduce the amount of chemical and salt required as well as the amount of cleaning required. The filtration system works less because the pool is kept cleaner. Chlorine will revert to a gas and escape into the air. With a pool cover the gas is kept in the water longer. This gas can eventually destroy a pool cover, but there are covers that use a bubble technology that withstands chemical concentrations.

For those who are installing a new pool, it is a good idea to plan for a solar heater in advance, so the garden or paving need not be dug up later. For those who already have a pool heating system, it is worth taking the time to install a solar system. The savings in energy bills will pay for the system.


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