In Business You Should Sweat the Small Stuff

Date Publish: Dec 13, 2013

A business needs skilled employees to grow. However, labour is one factor in establishing a commercial venture. If new hires didn’t have the resources needed to do their job, they won’t be productive.

Too often, entrepreneurs make the mistake of focusing on just a single element or two. In doing so, they lose sight of the big picture. They forget that even the smallest details can make a significant difference.

Consider boardroom tables. Some would think they’re an unnecessary expense. Meetings can be done anywhere, if one has mind for it.

What these people don’t see is what they represent. Office boardroom tables, whether in the UK or in South Africa, can show that a company is serious. They might be small, but they are a sign that a business is bent on becoming successful. Such fine pieces of furniture also denote professionalism. Clients who visit a company headquarters expect their presence. When they’re ushered into the executive lounge, they will look for these particular furnishings.

There are dozens of other significant items. But for the purpose of this article, we’ll be focusing on the major aspects of a business. These ones move and shape a particular enterprise and include:

Safety and Security

Employees need a conducive environment in order to be productive. This doesn’t just mean having modern amenities. Your people also need to feel safe inside the building where they work.

Safety and security should always be top priority. If you’re building a new office, workers on the site need protective gear. The construction site should also be encircled by barrier fencing that prevent outsiders. Within the office, there should be warning signs on doors to the electrical and maintenance rooms. Measures should also be implemented so that the main production area is free from accident-inducing hazards.

Finally, surveillance equipment, secure locks and identification systems also need to be installed.

Proximity to Suppliers and Partners

If you need to rely on other companies for outsourcing or materials, this matters. Do you require several deliveries in a month? If so, choose suppliers with warehouses or drop-off points nearby. Remember, the quality of your product or service depends on these partners. So, be sure to choose the ones you can rely on.

Technology and Trends

Not a single industry has been left untouched by technology. We’re seeing advancements in equipment and processes all across the board. Developing a passion for technology (and its evolving trends) is a key contributor to success. Now is the time to shed that traditionalist mentality and embrace a more state-of-the-art perspective.

Once you’ve applied all these, focus on the small details. As we said before, boardroom tables do matter.


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