Setting Up Preventative Measures to Avoid Business Legal Problems

Date Publish: Aug 19, 2014

Being slapped with a lawsuit for any reason is bad for your company's image. But it's even worse when dealing with labour problems, because you'll be viewed as a bad employer. This is why it's highly recommended that a background check is performed when hiring staff, especially key personnel. Before you hire a financial manager or CFO, for example, hire investigators from private agencies, such as Centauri Group.

If the lawsuit has anything to do with unsafe work practices, you'll be up against government agencies as well, resulting in bigger problems. This is why you must set up preventative measures. It can be as simple as installing safety banner barrier fence system in construction sites, or as comprehensive as the following:

Hiring legal professionals

Whether you run a small or large enterprise, it's highly recommended that you hire a corporate lawyer. If you can't afford to retain one, make sure you consult with one, before you make any move. You see, he can help you in various aspects of your business:

  • Employee negotiations
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Stock-option plans
  • Contracts
  • State and federal tax issues

Since you must have all your bases covered, you should also look into hiring specialised lawyers, including:

  • Conveyancing Sydney from BTF Lawyers - the people to call when buying or leasing an office space or project site.
  • Cruz & Co - specialises in various areas of practice, including taxation.
  • CG & Co Lawyers - get help in sorting out business concerns following a divorce.
  • Sunshine Coast lawyers - Argon Law is a commercial law firm focusing on business law, property law (including leasing), tax law and wills and estate planning.
  • service of process in New York - an independent party upon whom court proceedings may be served on behalf of the client.
  • - is a specialist company that offers different bespoke services, from fiduciary to legal tasks, depending on the needs of its clients.

Protect your staff

To avoid labour conflicts, you should comply with all your legal obligations to your employees, from the contracts to holiday entitlements. Make sure that you and your staff understand the legal formalities to avoid issues in the future. You can also minimise the risk of a lawsuit by issuing clear expectations and rules for employees. From the outset, they should know that illegal acts of any kind will not be tolerated and are grounds for termination.

Be familiar with the law

When it comes to the law, ignorance doesn't pay. True, the rules and regulations are complex and often difficult to understand, but you have to learn the basic at the very least. Even with a corporate lawyer on retainer, you should learn a few legal requirements, such as:

With these preventative measures, you can avoid legal problems and expensive litigations.

Other business professionals you might need include:


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