Five Ways You Can Ensure the Safety of Your Home Renovation Project

Date Publish: Jan 09, 2014

There’s usually so much going on during a home renovation. You often need to juggle between choosing a floor sanding company in London, UK and overseeing the construction. Plus, you have to shop around for cheap but high-quality building materials. With all these and other tasks to take care of, it’s easy to forget about safety and security.

Before you hire contractors for painting or floorboard sanding in London, putting up safety and security measures is a must if you want to prevent theft, fires or injuries. Other than this, here are more tips on what you can do to ensure the safety and security of your home renovation project.

Consider moving out

Renovations can interrupt your personal or familial life in more ways than one. The noise, clutter and the comings and goings of contractors can make living in your home difficult and even dangerous especially for small children.

By moving out temporarily, you save yourself from stress and give your contractors enough room to work.

Hire knowledgeable and competent contractors

Give yourself enough time to search for the best contractor, whether you’re looking for a professional painter or a floor sanding company in London, UK. Knowledgeable and competent contractors will not only do a better job; they can also carry out tasks in a safe and organised manner. Most importantly, they’re familiar with the specifications on house design and construction.

Set safety rules

While most contractors have their own safety rules to follow, you can still create a few ground rules to reduce your safety concerns. Aside from safety rules, providing contractors with the necessary safety tools and equipment can also prevent injuries and accidents from happening.

Protect-in offers a lightweight and easy to set up safety barrier fencing system to keep your construction site safe and secure.

Follow security precautions

Keeping your renovation site well lit can make it less prone to theft. Make sure you keep jewellery and other valuables from view by storing them in safety boxes or off the premises.

Keep the site clean and organised

Many construction materials such as wood, rags, and solvents are combustible, so insist on having them removed or stored properly after use. Also, cleaning up before every job – i.e. removing dust and dirt from your floors before hiring a floor sanding company in North London – makes it easier for contractors to work.

Storing your construction materials properly and keeping your site clean reduces the risk of burglary and encourages contractors to work efficiently.

Take note of these details, and don’t forget to ask for safety advice from your contractors. This way, you can avoid occupation risks during your home’s renovation.


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