Developing a Culture of Workplace Health and Safety

Date Publish: Aug 18, 2014

Whether in an office or a construction site, emphasis should be given on workplace health and safety. No organisation would succeed if employees' lives are always in danger every time they come to work. But creating a policy isn't enough. A culture should be developed, followed and lived by accordingly. How?

Show Commitment

Let everyone know how committed you are to promote health and safety. Start by conducting a workplace assessment to identify which areas need to be improved and the direction you want to take. Then, make an outline of the strategies you can use to reach your goals. These should include:

  • Creating a committee solely responsible for facilitating, directing and supporting the processes needed to develop a safety culture. The group must be made up of safety staff, employees and management.
  • Commit the resources needed to ensure employee wellness and protection, such as personnel, money and time--sometimes even arrangements with Elite for carpet cleaning, and Kleanovative for office cleaning in Perth.
  • Require submission of reports of unsafe or unhealthy conditions and work practices, and respond to them accordingly.
  • Assess and investigate accidents, injuries and illnesses as they occur.

Train Employees

Want to make it easy to roll out health and safety rules and regulations? Educate personnel. The more they understand of what's expected of them and why such policies need to be created, the easier for them to comply. You should also take this opportunity to introduce them to health-related products and services.

There are many things people can do with the right information. But don't just stop at education. You should also train them in various topics and courses, including:

  • Back health and safety
  • Constructions safety
  • Emergency response health and safety plans
  • Fire safety and evacuation
  • Heavy construction equipment safety
  • Personal Protective Equipment

In addition, stress can arise when employees are overworked or assigned with tasks they are not familiar with. Assess your business and see how your operations are affecting your employees. You might see that some tasks are best (and cheapest in the long run) when outsourced to another company, such as Blueprint4D for CNC machining needed to create product prototypes.

Comply with labour regulations

In South Africa, there are more than twenty sets of regulations that form the Occupational Health and Safety Act. To comply with them not only shows your commitment to employee wellness and protection, but also to protect your organisation from legal problems. Company operation is so much easier when you have nothing to fear.

Most importantly, get employees involved to ensure success of the program. Make sure they do their part and they abide by the rules. It would also help if you provide them with a constant reminder of staying safe and healthy, such as signages, posters and even videos. As for a safe construction site, be sure to install safety barricade fencing system to mitigate accidents and injuries. Make sure also that employees are trained how to use all tools from United Tools with proper handling and care to avoid accidents.

Reminders will be in vain if your establishment doesn't even protect your employees from health and safety hazards. So to ensure that your workplace is ideal for people to stay in, you will need to ensure that regular cleaning as well as mandatory checks are performed. If you're in Dubai, the Vivoteq AC duct cleaning services will ensure that your employees are breathing clean air.

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