Why it Makes Sense to Turn to Recognised Experts for Home and Business AC Installations

Date Publish: Feb 23, 2015

Of course, when it comes to AC, home and business owners will often have a different set of requirements, but this is unlikely to be a problem for experienced companies, because irrespective of what those requirements happen to be, it’s safe to assume that the best of them will always... READ MORE

Are You Setting Up a Business? Make Sure to Focus on These 3 Factors

Date Publish: Feb 18, 2015

Starting a business is easy, but creating one that's actually profitable can be difficult and challenging. This is especially true if you don't have any entrepreneurial experience and have no idea where to begin. This is also the case if you're entering an extremely competitive market and facing against bigger... READ MORE

Why Improve Workplace Health and Safety Standards

Date Publish: Feb 09, 2015

Companies that fail to adhere to workplace health and safety standards are frequently hit with hefty fines, but there are many additional reasons why all business organisations should work hard at improving health and safety standards in the workplace... READ MORE

Using Protect In To Make Health And Safety Simpler

Date Publish: Feb 06, 2015

Health and safety in construction sites is not easy. In fact, it's probably one of the hardest places to keep people safe from injuries or worse, and so you not only have to keep the public out, but also keep those inside away from harm. That's why the Protect In... READ MORE

Keep Everyone Safe in the Building Trade

Date Publish: Feb 04, 2015

Health and safety is paramount in the building trade. For this reason it’s highly recommended to provide safety barrier fencing for all employees. Keep your workers safe by preventing accidents occurring or exposing them to unforeseen hazards. Online safety fencing businesses sell hard or soft barricading that can also be... READ MORE

Why Is It Important to Keep Your Office and Its Premises Safe?

Date Publish: Jan 16, 2015

The reasons behind keeping your work environment safe are many, amongst the most important is protecting the well-being of your employees. After all, you should send them to their homes after a day’s work in the same condition they came in. Aside from this, here are more reasons why you... READ MORE

Tips on Ensuring Safety When Operating Heavy Machinery

Date Publish: Jan 08, 2015

Work on a construction site is one of the most dangerous and hazardous jobs in the world, and amongst the main dangers involved in it are the pieces of heavy machinery used. With this in mind, it’s important to make sure workers know how to handle them to avoid accidents... READ MORE

Planning a Construction Project? Leave It to the Pros: Here's Why

Date Publish: Dec 20, 2014

As a business owner, you already have a good grasp of how important it is to take careful steps in everything that you do. Every investment, whether big or small, needs to be considered carefully, especially when a lot is at stake and you're talking about putting in huge amounts... READ MORE

Solutions to Protect Your Business from Common Risks

Date Publish: Sep 03, 2014

Running a business has its share of benefits and risks. As a company owner, it is then your responsibility to identify the risks and set preventative measures. Although you can't avoid hazards entirely, you can at least minimise its impact on your venture. In a construction site... READ MORE

Affordable Security Solutions for the Mining and Construction Sectors

Date Publish: Sep 01, 2014

Finding a security fencing company in Pretoria is easier than ever before, thanks to some of the many established firms that are now located in the area. Most can offer a wide range of fences, from temporary chain link to galvanised permanent installations. To ensure that their management level staff... READ MORE

Setting Up Preventative Measures to Avoid Business Legal Problems

Date Publish: Aug 19, 2014

Being slapped with a lawsuit for any reason is bad for your company's image. But it's even worse when dealing with labour problems, because you'll be viewed as a bad employer. This is why it's highly recommended that a background check is performed when hiring staff, especially key personnel... READ MORE

Developing a Culture of Workplace Health and Safety

Date Publish: Aug 18, 2014

Whether in an office or a construction site, emphasis should be given on workplace health and safety. No organisation would succeed if employees' lives are always in danger every time they come to work. But creating a policy isn't enough. A culture should be developed, followed and lived by accordingly... READ MORE

Be Safe: Common Fall Hazards and How Can You Prevent Them

Date Publish: Jul 03, 2014

People slip and fall for many reasons wherever they may be. Fortunately, falls can be prevented. In your home, you can prevent falling down the stairs by providing handrails and watching out for any objects that you might step on. In nursing care institutions, such as a residential care home... READ MORE

Considerations Before Renovating Your Home for Some Much-Needed TLC

Date Publish: Jun 25, 2014

Change is necessary in life, whether it means leaving your old job for greener pastures or exercising to feel better about yourself. Indeed, to change is to improve. This is why you need to carry out improvements in your home to enhance its look and feel. But to ensure that... READ MORE

Tips for Small Business Owners: Considerations in Doing Building Maintenance

Date Publish: Jun 02, 2014

How far can you go to protect all your business assets? Actually, there's no right or wrong answer to this question. But if you say that you are willing to go all the way, then much better. It means you are doing more than your basic responsibilities as a small... READ MORE

Guaranteeing the Safety and Comfort at Home - Here’s How

Date Publish: May 29, 2014

Your house should be the first place where you and your family can feel most comfortable and safest in, regardless of its size. Otherwise, you might need to move to a new address. But if moving to another location isn't an option, then do what you can to alleviate your... READ MORE

Ensuring Workplace Safety: 5 Common Mistakes Managers Make

Date Publish: May 29, 2014

Keeping the office safe and healthy for employees and customers the responsibility of both business owners and managers. However, in the quest for profit, this essential duty can sometimes take the backseat. This neglect can result to a variety of injuries and accidents that might end up costing the business... READ MORE

Stylish Fixtures that Are Guaranteed to Promote Functionality and Add Style Elements

Date Publish: Apr 21, 2014

Spaces that have been designated food preparation and cooking areas do, of course, need to be functional, but the great news is, it is perfectly possible to create spaces that are functional, without having to lose out in the style stakes... READ MORE

5 Legal Aspects Involved When Doing Construction Projects

Date Publish: Mar 25, 2014

Aside from handling the CAD details, contractors also need to consider the legal aspects of their projects. Why? Making sure their operations is legally recognised is the best way to have a smooth-flowing process. When doing construction projects in the UK, they may work closely with commercial solicitors from London... READ MORE

Safe Mining: Important Installations to Have

Date Publish: Mar 06, 2014

Safety has long been a major concern when it comes to mining. You can picture out a group of miners carefully making their way inside a narrow, curve and dark tunnel searching for precious stones and minerals. Scary as it may seem, this passageway even gets longer and deeper through... READ MORE

Workplace Changes to Enhance Safety and Productivity

Date Publish: Feb 19, 2014

Whether you're a manager or a business owner, it is your obligation to provide employees with a safe and efficient work environment, whether it be at SOC serviced offices in Gordon or not. Doing so will reduce absences due to sickness or injury as well as those toxic afternoon productivity... READ MORE

Three Ways to Ensure Safety in a Construction Site

Date Publish: Feb 18, 2014

Creating a safe and secure working environment – especially in a construction site – encourages efficiency and productivity among employees. Here are three ways you can keep your workplace safe and secure... READ MORE

Installing Swimming Pools with Innovative Solar Pool Heating Systems

Date Publish: Jan 23, 2014

Swimming pool solar heating is a good way to save on the cost of electricity or gas. Even if the weather is cool and overcast, a swimming pool solar heater will keep the water warm enough so that very little other energy source is required to bring it up to optimum... READ MORE

Why it’s Worth Exploring the Viable Alternatives with Regards to Entranceways

Date Publish: Jan 17, 2014

What’s the focus of attentions for anyone who’s walking up the garden path? The home’s front entranceway, which is why proud homeowners should always lavish attention on this particular area of the home. At smart entranceway is always going to create a favourable impression and contemporary composite front doors will... READ MORE

Health and Safety at Home and in the Workplace: Important Things to Remember

Date Publish: Jan 09, 2014

Like many people nowadays, you’re probably acutely aware of how important health and safety are. Because of this, you might be looking for ways to avoid illnesses and injuries, maintain and perhaps even improve your wellbeing and stay in great physical, mental and emotional condition even as you grow older... READ MORE

Five Ways You Can Ensure the Safety of Your Home Renovation Project

Date Publish: Jan 09, 2014

There’s usually so much going on during a home renovation. You often need to juggle between choosing a floor sanding company in London, UK and overseeing the construction. Plus, you have to shop around for cheap but high-quality building materials. With all these and other tasks to take care of... READ MORE

Tips on creating a safe office

Date Publish: Jan 07, 2014

If you run your own business in an office and you want to make sure that it is safe and secure, then there are a few things that you can do. First of all you will need to install security systems such as CCTV and burglar alarms and once that... READ MORE

Building Security Systems: 5 Preventative Measures to Keep Your Building Secure

Date Publish: Jan 03, 2014

Basically, there are three ways to protect any business or building, and one is with technology, such as CCTV cameras and alarm systems; physical barriers like steel roller shutter doors and perimeter fences; and with security personnel who literally stand guard over your premises. If you are looking for the... READ MORE

What Is Your Responsibilities as a Construction Project Manager?

Date Publish: Dec 19, 2013

What are the employer’s duties... READ MORE

All About Signs: Their Important Functions and Uses

Date Publish: Dec 16, 2013

Signs are ubiquitous things that shape people's behaviours and experiences more than they realise. Display stands with compelling signs at a trade show, for instance, has the potential to affect a consumer's buying behaviour. On the other hand, a safety sign at a construction site helps workers avoid accidents and... READ MORE

In Business You Should Sweat the Small Stuff

Date Publish: Dec 13, 2013

A business needs skilled employees to grow. However, labour is one factor in establishing a commercial venture. If new hires didn’t have the resources needed to do their job, they won’t be productive... READ MORE

The Wonders of Ergonomic Chairs

Date Publish: Dec 13, 2013

An Ergonomic chair is a chair that is designed carefully. An ergonomic chair has been constructed to make sure that the user sits in a way that reduces risks of health problems. Using such chairs has many benefits... READ MORE


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