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Protect Building has the UNE EN-13374:2004

 certification tested by Applus suitable for building use.






Our safety barrier fencing system is certified, GREEN eco Friendly and recyclable

eco friendly

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Other Products

We Also Supply..
  • Steel/Plastic Barrier Fences/Barriers
Imported or locally manufactured
Also ideal for construction sites,events
Steel and wire fences galvanized /Pained
Standard size 2.1m x 1.1
Call us for pricing
and further technical Specs
  • Safety-shade Nets Construction Projects
Easy to install-Available in various colors
manufactured in South Africa
80% Shade Netting UV stabalised
1.8m high/3m high (50m in length)rolls
used for fencing & screening in buildings
  •  Water filled road barriers
Easily cordon of any area with this solid barrier
Design is such to form 90* corners
Fill with either water or sand
a one directional pin forms links between barriers
Barriers per km 556
  • Construction safety nets
 Specifications available for construction
 safety nets
  • Barrier Mesh Rolls also available 
  • Barrier Nets
  • PVC Curtains
Tinted plastic PVC screens
 Link to a listing with contractors in the construction sector
For all these and other barricading products contact us
079 184 0087 for a free estimate
 Exclusive Distributor in South Africa of




The ScaffGuard system is patented has been designed

& is manufactured in Australia with more than 55 000 units sold

  • Light and fast to install
  • Stacks like plates and easy to transport
  • UV resistant with long work life
  • Strong and can withhold wind loads
  • Can be printed on for branding and advertising



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