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About Us

Safety protection for construction, mining and civil works is our core focus at Protect in . Our company is dedicated to the design, manufacture and commerce of safety protection in the form of barrier fencing. The Protect in product was established in 2010 in Barcelona Spain using a new revolutionary protection system which is resistant, adjustable and easy to fold, store, transport and assemble. The safety barrier material is eco-friendly and reusable for up to two years. Furthermore the protection system can be used for advertisement exposure for your own company or for selling advertising space to other companies.

Protect in was born from the accumulated experience over more than 30 years dedicated to construction. The Protect in synthetic safety barrier responds to real needs from the construction, civil and mining industries.
Protect in RSA is a dynamic company that now markets this unique Protect in Patented Safety Barrier System throughout South Africa and Africa.

Innovation Park La SalleTechnova is an ecosystem where various university research groups, innovation departments, start-up firms and other firms are integrated to generate synergies. In September 2010 we made an agreement with Technova to join as full member.


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Our safety barrier fencing system is certified, GREEN eco Friendly and recyclable

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