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Construction safety netting

About Safety Netting safety net for construction site

On high-rise construction projects, personnel cantilever netting systems are installed around the exterior perimeter of a building floor to provide fall protection for construction workers.

Netting systems are also used in high-rise construction projects. The construction netting is installed in the interior of buildings in the spaces between beams, where concrete has yet to be poured or floors have not yet been laid.

Personnel safety netting is also used on bridges where lifelines might be difficult to attach.

Debris netting is also combined with personnel safety netting on high-rise and bridge construction and renovation projects. A debris netting liner is placed inside personnel safety netting to catch debris, dropped tools and other falling objects.

Fall injuries and fatalities are a possibility at any type of elevated job site. Without the right safety netting system for fall protection and prevention, the lives of your workers and the pedestrians below are at risk. These workplace accidents also have the potential to rack up a considerable financial burden for your construction business.

Good news is that all fall-related accidents are preventable.

Protect in is also an  innovative safety product a safety fence that certified ,can withstand a push force of 1.200kg, can be personalized and is ideal for contractors, or companies who want to have their name advertised and displayed at worksites.

Protect in has a variety construction safety nets for sale, and  is a construction safety net supplier in South Africa


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