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About protect in

Protect in is, a manufacturer, supplier of patented foldable safety fence screens. Protect in Originated from Barcelona now worldwide and also in South Africa the Protect in safety barrier system  has launched a new safety barrier unit with a range of accessories for the construction safety management sector, to make it quick and easy to create safety barricades on construction sites.

The Protect in versatile barrier unit has all the great versatility making it ideal for use inside any building, construction site  it can also be ordered with connector points and steel cables affixing to its own unique accessories but can fit to any standard size scaffolding to make scaffolding safer.

Protect in is a strong robust safety fence that can withstand a Push force of 1200 kilograms.

Protect in have UNE EN-13374:20014 Certification and is patented.

Protect in South Africa,

“Protect-in manufactures the Protect-in suite of safety barrier fencing solutions, for construction sites. The company has been in existence for 4 years, and has recorded growth, in year-one- since its inception in Barcelona”.

“Protect in is an innovative safety barrier system and makes it safe, quick and easy to cordon off almost any area of construction. We have innovative solutions to suit the construction safety management and mining sectors. It is essential that construction sites must be safe

Since the launch of their Protect in safety barrier product, Protect in’s innovative product range has been used in a wide range of applications, in many sectors of construction safety management.

Protect in is a Leading manufacturer supplier of a NEW patented innovative safety fence/barrier for the construction industry

Protect in is easy to install, and offers all the benefits of site fencing systems

Protect in is ultra-compact high quality safety barrier and can withstand a force of 1200kg!

The Protect in product is made from the highest quality possible and we only believe in the best.

Protect in is in a solid synthetic barrier fence and clients, construction companies can even advertise on protect in fence safety barrier

New exiting product by Protect in South Africa  developed for Schools,

This   Unique Crowd control advertisement tool   will enable schools to Generate income through advertising. Schools be able to generate massive income for a small once off investment.  

“Protect in will change the standard of construction safety barricading ”forever!

More About Protect in and Protect in South Africa

Protect in has  distribution partners who sell their products in Europe, Africa and in South Africa. Customers include international construction companies

Protect in was awarded 2nd place business idea of the year in Barcelona in 2011

Protect in South Africa is the distributor safety barrier supplier of the product in Africa

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As advertised in your business magazine  February, March 2014 edition more dealers are required contact us today to join the Protect-in global distribution network. Become a dealer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Our safety barrier fencing system is certified, GREEN eco Friendly and recyclable

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