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Safety of workers and the public in different industries

Safety of workers and the public in different industries is of paramount importance.Whilst we are all in business to make money, there is another important aspect that should not be overlooked.  Whether business is good or bad, times are tough or easy, we cannot overlook the safety of our staff/workers/employees as well as the man in the street who could be affected by our business or industry.


No man is an island, the saying goes, and should someone be injured or even killed whilst at work as a result of negligence on the part of his company, it would be hard to forgive oneself.

So what safety rules should be followed in your particular industry?


Safety barricades protect both the worker and the man in the street from potentially hazardous situations like bricks falling down or something coming loose during construction and falling.  When something is being built there are often exposed beams or cables which could cause an accident – these areas need to be fenced off to make it unavailable to the general public as well as passing workers.  Safety fencing on a construction site reduces the number of potentially dangerous situations. 


There are many ways to improve safety in this most dangerous industry.  How often are we faced with grim newspaper headlines relating to deaths in mines in South Africa and around the world. Safety fencing should always be erected around or in any potentially dangerous areas. Lift shafts should be inspected regularly.  Miners must be taught how to use their tools and to be provided with correct safety clothing and footwear.

The mining industry was pleased to announce that 2012 had the lowest number of fatalities which shows that safety in the mining sector was improving. Educating mine workers as to how and why accidents could occur, creating higher awareness as well as improved safety measures like using safety fencing wherever possible contributed to this fall in fatalities.


All company vehicles need to be road-worthy and have tyres regularly checked. Vehicles need to be serviced regularly.  Drivers to have regular health and eye check-ups. Safety barriers on roads can ensure that out of control cars are contained or on dangerous passes can protect cars from going over the edge.  Safety barriers are also important in any areas where there is the possibility of pedestrians passing especially in rural areas along busy highways. Safety fencing must be used during road construction as a way of ensuring that passing traffic does not enter the construction site. It is often confusing on roads where there is construction work being done as to where one must drive.


Safety fencing or barricading is a must in the industrial or manufacturing sector  In an industrial setting, safety fencing or barricading is designed to keep an operator or other employees from moving parts or other hazards. It is also important to keep any hazardous materials used in industry or manufacturing fenced off with access only available to those personnel trained to use the materials.

Safety fencing and barricading is easy to install and is effective in keeping people safe in their workplace. Remember that a worker who feels taken care of by his employer will go that extra mile for his company.

Putting safety barriers in place is just one of the measures which helps to ensure safety in the workplace and to give workers a feeling that they are cared for. Safety measures in the workplace helps to increase productivity. It is a win-win situation.


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