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Why is safety barrier fencing important for protecting construction workers?

There are many reasons for using safety barrier fencing in the construction industry. Naturally, the overriding reason is to protect workers but in addition the public also needs to be protected. Take a simple case of a worker falling from a height and either injuring himself or perhaps the fall results in his death. What happens if this same worker lands on an unsuspecting member of the public who happens to be walking past the construction site at that moment? Your company could be in for a difficult legal battle on two accounts!


Solid safety fences for the construction industry must also be considered for companies not actually in the construction industry but also, for example, in window cleaning or other maintenance work where heights and risks are involved.

Protecting workers not only impacts positively on your company’s safety record, it also gives a very positive message to your workers. The message says “we care about our workers”. Is that not a message every employee would like to hear?

We, Protect-in, believe that safety barrier fencing for construction, building, mining, road-works and municipal works should be strong and effective. Our solid safety barrier fences offer an impact and lateral force resistance of more than 1.2 tons which is considerably more than the force that the security fence would normally be subjected to. In addition the solid safety barriers are flexible, allow different modulations and are adjustable. Because of easy assembly the fences allow more time to be dedicated to safety measures. Barrier fences should also be easy to store and for this reason our barricade fences are constructed of “high resistance to impact” material.

It is incumbent upon companies in the business of using workers in dangerous situation to take care of their workers by protecting them at all times while on the job. No worker can be expected to take all necessary precautions for themselves, this simply does not happen. Workers are often preoccupied with their own problems and issues; perhaps they are having family problems, perhaps they have financial difficulties and their concentration is not on the task to hand. This writer has seen workers in Cape Town on a 12 story building, walking on the thin steel rails of balconies 11 floors up WITHOUT ANY PROTECTION! Honest, I have seen that with my own eyes otherwise I would not have believed it. So, we know that workers also like to show off to one-another but this behaviour should never be allowed.

Protect your workers in a way that they cannot take unnecessary risks. Even if your workers disobey your safety rules your company will be facing legal costs and a host of problems. Don’t take the risk.


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